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With over three decades of experience in importing, working with importers and furniture retailing, Onlineand.direct is now one of the leading names in style, comfort and wellbeing.

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Since the company’s inception, we have been fortunate in being chosen by the leading manufacturers of beds in the world, to be the distributor of their products. justbeds.direct offer the finest bed options available in the UK.

We search the world for the very best that the bed industry can offer. Our beds are selected in a careful, rational effort to verify the integrity of the brands and the specific models that we choose to promote.

Justbeds.direct represent beds of an exceptionally high quality when compared to other models or brands in the market.

Impeccable Design

Beds & Furniture

At adjustablebeds.direct our philosophy is to source only the finest bespoke handmade beds for our customers to enjoy. British built and made to last, with the care and attention you would expect from a skilled team of craftsmen.

Made to order, our adjustable beds are designed to put you in a range of positions that offer personal comfort for your specific needs.

Every adjustable bed, mattress we make is the product of years of research, testing and refinement. Designed to provide a lifetime of wellness and timeless style.

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